Skincare Consultation

Arbonne Clear Future - just one product that may be suggested as appropriate for you as part of your skincare consultation

A skincare consultation can reveal a lot about your general well-being. Your skin is your largest organ and often if the body is suffering from “toxic overload” the body will present this information to you via skin outbreaks or blemishes. 

This is a one to one skincare consultation whereby Nina will sit down to discuss your skin type, problems and issues as well as possible dietary and hormonal influences.

Once your skin type or skin problems have been discussed, Nina may advise an integrated skincare regime or nutritional/dietary support to help improve your skin conditions.

Please note that Nina is not a dermatologist, so she will not diagnose any skin conditions and would recommend you visit a dermatologist if you have any deep concerns and require a full skin diagnosis.

Skincare consultations are carried out in our luxury log cabin on the Surrey/Hampshire borders, which adds to the ambience of the overall experience. We can also offer many of our treatments within the familiar surroundings of your own home.

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