Baby Massage

Baby Massage

  • Learn to massage your own baby
  • No experience required
  • Multitude of benefits for baby
  • A wonderful way to bond with your baby
  • In-salon or in your own home

Prices From £30 (60mins)

Massage is a wonderful gift that you can share with your baby.

Baby massage is an ancient art used in many diverse cultures to help with a variety of physical and emotional needs and to promote relaxation. Babies crave skin contact. Touch is your baby’s most developed sense at birth and through it you can communicate love, security and trust to your baby immediately.

You do not need any qualifications to massage your baby and Nina offers one on one sessions to teach you the whole routine.

Special benefits for you and your baby include:

  • Relief of wind, colic, constipation, teething & more
  • Create and develop your bond
  • Relaxation for both baby and parent
  • Stimulates baby’s physical, emotional & social development