• Healing through universal energy
  • Wide range of benefits
  • Deeply relaxing
  • Helps harmonize mind, body and spirit
  • In-salon or in your own home

Prices from £35 (50 Minutes)

Reiki is a form of healing using universal life energy channelled through Nina, who is a Reiki Master. It is powerful, but very gentle and relaxing.

Reiki increases energy flow throughout the body, unblocks build-ups and helps to harmonize body, mind and spirit. It can help eliminate many health problems including depression, IBS, PMS, M.E and Chronic Fatigue.

Reiki is a naturally channelled energy and there is nothing harmful about it. Nina’s hands will be lightly placed on different areas of the body and you may feel a sensation of “heat” emanating from her hands.

You may experience different sensations including including sensing colours and feeling your body start to “flow” but above all, you will feel extremely relaxed and safe.


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